Posted on: February 23, 2010 12:12 am

NCAA Top 25 Rant

Pittsburgh is not a top 10 team. They are borderline top 15. Yes, some of their wins are impressive. But their losses are ugly. A top caliber team is consistent. Pittsburgh is not. I'd rank them higher than 16th but no higher than 12th. The SEC is all puff and no fluff. Kentucky has yet to play a real solid opponent. UConn is almost the exception but they are so up and down no one can figure them out. Have Kentucky play a Villanova, a Purdue, a Kansas, a Syracuse, or a Duke and then see how good they really are. Their best win so far? at Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT. This is not top quality opposition here. Good? Yes. Great? No. Kentucky will be the first no. 1 seed to bow out if they come in believing they really are the no. 2 team in the country. Put Kentucky in either the Big 12, Bigh 10, or Big East and that 26-1 record would be closer to 21-6 at BEST. Not saying the Wildcats are bad but come on, they haven't faced anything remotely close to the opposition the other top teams have faced. Their best chance in the pitiful SEC would be to play AT Tennessee but Cal doesn't have the stones for that with this team. Maybe they will cross paths in the SEC tournament. I hope so. Hopefully Tennessee will show up for that one too because they go games in between actually trying. Butler in the top ten really is a joke. That team would be lucky to be top 20 material. Cornell could probably beat them. New Mexico state is a joke too. Don't rank a team like that until they actually beat someone. New Mexico is just another nobody beating up on other nobodies and getting way too much credit for it. Northern Iowa was in the top 25 too. NORTHERN IOWA! You know, where the team is bigger than the crowd that shows up to watch. What a joke ranking them. Please stop ranking these wanna be teams with inflated records. In a power conference none of them would be over .500! You want to be ranked? Beat someone else who deserves to be.
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