Posted on: February 27, 2010 1:57 pm

NFL Movers and Shakers

So LaDainian Tomlinson is no longer part of the Chargers organization. Brian Westbrook and the Eagles have parted way. Rumors are that Thomas Jones and the Jets will soon be parting ways too. Is any of this really suprising? Some want LT to go to the Saints who could use another running back since Mike Bell Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush aren't exactly elite. Also talks of LT or Westbrook going to the Vikings are surfacing. As it stands right now, LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles are going to get a chance to carry their teams but neither one is particularly good. Leonard Weaver also stands to make some noise with Philadelphia. Is Brett Favre retired or no? Here's hoping he finally decides to call it quits and join a bowling league somewhere. Wes Welker is injured and Tom Brady and the rest of those Patriots look vulnerable for next year. Randy Moss proved he cannot do it alone when the Ravens and Ray Rice ran all over them in the playoffs, pun intended. The Colts are disappointed right now but with Peyton Manning on your side you aren't down for long. With players like Pierre Garcon Anthony Gonzalez Austin Collie Joseph Addai Donald Brown Dallas Clark and even young Mike Hart on your side your team is in good shape. Better than those lowly Browns led by the pathetic duo of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and although Jerome Harrison has shown signs this team no longer has Braylon Edwards to save them. He is working alongside Jerricho Cotchery now. The Bills are still in trouble with fossil Terrell Owens and Lee Evans leading their not so potent offense. Fred Jackson is a joke and Marshawn Lynch is not as good as advertised. Their quarterback Trent Edwards looks more like a high school player than a big leaguer. Ronnie Brown is still injury prone for the Dolphins but Ricky Williams showed just what can happen when you look the other way with a player people thought was washed up. Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the league. There, I said it. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin may come back to earth since Kurt Warner retired. Beanie Wells can't carry that Cardinals team alone. One final thought. When are the Packers gonna turn the corner? Aaron Rodgers has the talent. Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are good enough, as is Ryan Grant. Hopefully they get things going an start winning big. They rule that division is they ever step it up. Adrian Peterson is overrated, as is the whole Bears team. Lions are still a joke. Peace!
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